AireGuard™ Disposable Procedural Face Shields

The AireGuard™ disposable procedural face shield was engineered to safely administer pulmonary function tests. It was designed to be worn by patients and protects healthcare professionals against respiratory diseases emitted by the patient during examination and treatment.

The new AireGuard shield is proven effective in protecting medical personnel from aerosol and droplets that could easily transmit the COVID-19 virus. Lab tests concluded that both the flow visualization and aerosol measurements show the AirGuard shielddoes help cut down ~90% of the aerosols directly ejected out from the heavy breathing and coughing of a patient during breathing and lung function assessments.

Yes. AireGuard has developed two sizes of the shield in order to fit all instances of wearers.

The AireGuard face shield is meant to be used by a patient for multiple testing and treatment options during a single visit. It is not recommend to reuse our product at a future appointment. Particles containing viruses, bacteria, etc. get captured on the internal fibers during use and remain on them after use. Excessively handling or storing the procedural face shield might result in further spreading the disease.

Yes, we can offer customized branded shields, starting in quantities over 5,000 units. Call for pricing. Lead time is generally 3-4 weeks.

No. The shield does not adversely affect test results.

Please consult with your specific insurance payer contract manager. Reimbursement rates are dependent on your specific payer contracts which can vary by region and/or facility type. Some clinics have attempted to bill payors using procedural codes such as 99070 for supplies “above and beyond the normal course of care”. Generally, clinics will need to demonstrate the shields are medically necessary and not considered part of ordinary PPE expenditures in order to obtain reimbursement.

The AireGuard shield is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Yes, please contact us or consult your AireGuard Rep for specific details on volume discounts or rebates. 

No. The AireGuard shield is intended to supplement any PPE above and beyond what is already being worn by medical staff. Patients should continue to wear their masks before and after the breathing tests. In other words, the AireGuard shield is only intended to be worn as source control during a test.

No, due to the nature of medical supplies, we are unable to accept returns.

Despite some devices having filters, lab testing has shown that a significant volume of aerosols are emitted from the patient’s mouth during routine breathing and lung function tests that are not captured by the apparatus’ filter. Unfiltered or uncontrolled air molecules projected from the patient’s mouth expose the environment to respiratory droplets and potentially pathogens. The AireGuard shield helps block those particles that otherwise would escape into the surrounding air.

After the test, the shield should be disposed of according to local regulations. It most instanced, the rubber gasket can be removed and thrown in the trash and the remaining paper portion of the shield can be recycled.

For liability purposes, we recommend clinics ensure proper disposal of the shields. Some patients, particularly children, like the shields and may be interested in having a picture taken while they are wearing the shield. Clinics can consider providing a polaroid or electronic picture to the patient.

That hole is manufactured to provide additional stability of the helmet on the patient’s head.  Patients with long hair (e.g. a ponytail) may wish to pull their hair through the hole for additional comfort.

Yes, additional gaskets are available at a cost of $2.50 per gasket, plus shipping and handling.